Our History

It all began in 1994, when working a full time job wasnt enough; I began to bake cakes in the comfort of my own home. As any bussines, I started small. I only sold to friends and family. I had no business plan and to be quite honest, I considered this a hobby to bring in a little extra money. It was thanks to the word of mouth of friends and family that i left my job to dedicate myself full time to baking at the limited space of my appartment. At first that limited space was ok, but in a few years i out grew my home kitchen. In wasnt until 1999, when i decided to look for a bigger place for my bakery. Sure enough we did find a place. Thanks to the support of my family and friends. I could finally open Elvira's Cake in 2003.

Our Bakers

Back in 2003. I had passed down my recipes to my sisters. It was three of us working the bakery. Today we are more than 8 skilled bakers working to deliver rich in flavor pastries crafted from the best ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth. Our bakers with Mexican culinary roots, bake both delicious bred and pasteries that recipes where inspired by our ancestors. We come from a long life of skilled bakers, and just like our great grandfathers, we know about baking. We know what makes a good bread, and our customer appreciate that.

Our Philosophy

What began our history, we keep to this very day; the value of family and friends. We always bake the best quality of pasteries, because we know we are baking for your friends and family. A company that's united with family at its core understands the importance of keeping family together. Whether that be dad's birthday or sister graduation, our piece of cake is to bring you closer to your loved one's and that makes the whole taste a lot better... saver the moment with all your loved ones. Courtesy of Elvira's Cake.

Our Mission

To provide rich-authentic tasting products and cultivate the absolute finest and most approachable experience to people anywhere. Brindarle a la comunidad, un exquisito y autentico sabor casero en cada uno de nuestros productos y a la vez cultivar la mejor experiencia al cliente posible.